Gotham season 5 teaser trailer: Scarecrow is back, and wearing a hat

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Gotham season 5 appears to have a thing for comics-accurate costumes, with the Scarecrow’s new look being a prime example. Jonathan Crane is back in action in this frightful new clip from the final season.

The short teaser trailer starts by reminding us that Gotham City has known become “no-man’s land”, with the iconic fictional locale being all-but-abandoned by law enforcement. Now that the villains have taken over town, Scarecrow is obviously living his best life. Here’s the clip:

Penguin and Riddler will also be donning comics-accurate costumes as some point during the season, as these set photos reveal:

Gotham season 5 will be the show’s final season, so it makes a lot of sense that these villains would be inching closer than ever to their comic book counterparts.

What we really want to see now is David Mazouz in a proper Batman suit, although Fox will surely want to hold that reveal until the optimum moment.

Gotham season 5 has a US premiere date on Fox of January 3rd, so hopefully we’ll see more teasers dropping in the next few weeks. As soon as we see them, we’ll be sure to pass them on!