Humans writers have “ideas” for season 4, if it gets commissioned

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The cast and crew of Channel 4’s Humans have been talking about the possibility of a fourth season. The third season of Humans is screening now on Channel 4 and AMC, with viewers unsure if this is the series’ final run or not.

Tom Goodman-Hill, who plays Joe in the show, initially thought that only three seasons were on the cards: “I know Jon [Brackley] and Sam [Vincent, series creators] always talked about it being a three-series arc, and there is a way in which it feels like that. You know, it’s inception, fruition, fallout,” the actor explained.

But as time has gone on, it sounds like more ideas have come up that could lead to a fourth season. Goodman-Hill added this:

“But it’s interesting. We’ve taken on some interesting new writers on this series, including Daisy Coulam, who’s fantastic – she’s got ideas of her own, I think.

“So there’s definitely scope that you can see in her writing, and with what Jon and Sam write, so that you could take [a fourth series] on. It depends how people respond to it, as well. But there is so much scope in it, as a subject.”

Jon Brackley confirmed that he and the show’s other writers do have ideas, if a fourth season does get ordered:

“If we’re lucky enough to get recommissioned, we have ideas. As we’re writing and developing a series, we can’t help but imagine where it goes next. We get close to the end of writing one and sort of imagine how the beginning of the next one starts. So we have ideas.”

On the other hand, if there isn’t a fourth season, the Humans season 3 finale will still be a strong conclusion. Emily Berrington, who plays Niska, says, “it’s definitely the most epic ending so far, which I felt was impossible after the ending for the previous series. I literally screamed in my living room when I read the end of this series!”

She added, “So I think it will be very satisfying, whatever happens further down the line.”

More news as we hear it.

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