In The Flesh

In The Flesh: Dominic Mitchell trying to “get something off the ground”

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Ever since the premature end of BBC Three’s In The Flesh, there have been rumours about a movie, about another channel picking up the show, and a special episode to round things off. Perhaps even a comic book.

But as time has passed, nothing had come to fruition. The issue, though, of a special episode popped up again on Dominic Mitchell’s Twitter feed over the weekend. And given that he’s the creator of the show, you can rightly assume he’ll know the latest on it.

There’s not much to tell, sadly. But he does at least offer a glimmer of hope. When someone Tweeted at him that if In The Flesh got its 90 minute special that they “would cry”, Mitchell responded “I get it”.

When pressed as to whether that meant the special was actually happening, though, he dampened things down, but did also throw in that “I’m trying hard to get something off the ground”.

What that turns out to be remains a mystery for the minute. But maybe, just maybe, the light isn’t out on this one yet. Fingers crossed…