‘Life On Mars’ creators bring ‘Eternal Law’ to ITV1

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ITV1 has commissioned Eternal Law, a new drama series about two angels on Earth, from Life On Mars writers Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham for 2011.

Set in the city of York, the show focuses on two central characters, Zak and Tom, who are angels sent to earth to both help a community and try to understand the human condition. Produced by Kudos (Spooks, Hustle), all six episodes will be written by Ashley and Matthew.

“The series will examine and explore the baffling human spirit as Zak and Tom, who are both lawyers working for a local legal firm, attempt to influence humans to do right by one another. However, things don’t always go according to plan particularly when they come up against old adversary and dark angel, Richard Pembroke, who is determined they won’t succeed in their challenge to lead the community to a more harmonious way of living.

“The drama will establish that Zak is the more senior and experienced angel who has been visiting earth for 200 years. He has developed a cynicism borne out of his experiences in assisting and advising humans. However, Tom is on earth for the first time and he believes the human spirit is a wonderful thing.  He has a naivety which is very appealing, but this will cause him problems throughout the series. Zak’s dilemma is more critical.

“The last time he was on earth he fell in love with a human, Hannah, which is completely against angelic law. He has been severely reprimanded and he knows this is his last chance to hold on to his wings. So it is a delicious and cruel irony when he discovers that Hannah is now in York, working for Richard. If he falls in love again he will become mortal and be scorned by  his own kind. But Zak’s yearning for this remarkable woman is so intense.”

Shooting on the series begins on 14th February 2011.