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Line Of Duty’s Martin Compston earns slightly different award!

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Those of us who have sat through the marvellous Line Of Duty might just find it slightly odd to hear actor Martin Compston – who plays Steve Arnott in the show – when he’s talking in real life. His pitch-perfect English accent disguises his actual Scottish heritage. And it’s his Scottish roots that have brought him to the attention of Tennent’s.

Earlier this year, Tennent’s – partly to flog a few more beers we suspect, but let’s go with it – launched its Golden Can Award, that it’s been bestowing on Scottish legends. Recipients thus far have included Karen Gillan, Irvine Welsh and Franz Ferdinand.

Now? Compston too has won himself one. He’s very pleased about it too, declaring “I’m genuinely delighted to receive this from Tennent’s – a Scottish cultural icon in itself – and it’s an honour to be in beside some total legends like Irvine Welsh. I dedicate it to absolutely everyone who’s flying the flag for Scottish culture at home and abroad. Cheers!”

Compston was born in Greenock, and if you want to get a taste of his natural Scottish accent, wrap your ears around this…

The beers are on him!