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Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot: more footage lands

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Netflix’s Lost In Space reboot is heading to our screens later this year. And more and more promotional material is being made available.

Lost In Space will land on the streaming service on April 13th, with all ten episodes arriving at the same time.

Here’s the latest feature Netflix has released about the show, with some new footage in it.

And here’s the full trailer that was released earlier this month…

The announcement trailer is here too.

Here’s our previous report, from last July…

While it’s not clear if the upcoming Netflix version of Lost In Space will borrow many story elements from the original, late-60s TV show, or even the notably unoriginal late-90s movie, we can be pretty sure that it won’t be poaching too much from the design and look of either.

Maybe there will be fan-tickling nods to the classic designs, most likely in the rebuild of Robbie the Robot, but even this isn’t definite. Right now, pretty much all we know about how the show might look is based upon its predictably good-looking, and thankfully more diverse than before, cast: Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Parker Posey, Ignacia Serrichio and company.

But there is also this sort-of poster. It’s a page from a promotional booklet given out at licensing shows. If we were to visit such a show, we’d probably get to see more than this font, sort of honeycomb something or other, and planetoids apparently existing way, way, way too close to one another.

For now though, let’s at least take this as evidence, if not exactly proof, that the new show won’t have any kind of retro sci-fi styling, steampunky components or chrome flying-saucer vibe. if you want, we can also stroke our collective chins and “Hmmmmm” about the way some of the letters in the typeface have breaks in them. It’s oh so thematically resonant. Probably.

Lost In Space
Lost In Space: the promo for the Netflix reboot

Lost In Space is due to premiere on Netflix next year. Prison Break, Charmed and Point Pleasant producer Zack Estrin is the show runner. I already want to like it because Parker Posey is playing Doctor Smith, but historically I’ve been much more of a Pigs in Space guy. I’ll see, though, and in the meantime, we’ll keep you posted.