‘Merlin’ producer reveals details of Uther’s return

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“He gets to play some key emotional scenes and he has this amazing scene with Merlin,” Capps told SciFiNow. “They have a good conversation, a conversation that they should have had a long time ago about Arthur.”

His return occurs “at a point in Arthur’s life where he is absolutely missing his father,” Capps added, “and at a moment where he is having a bit of a wobble as king and needs some advice. It’s nice because Uther comes back and is able to have those emotional scenes that he probably didn’t have because he died sooner than he should have.”

Uther (Anthony Head) – a regular character since the first series, and father of remaining characters Arthur (Bradley James) and Morgana (Katie McGrath) – was killed off during Series 4 last year. His return – a single-episode guest spot, first announced at San Diego Comic-Con – was originally planned to happen sooner.

“We talked to Tony and said, ‘We want to bring you back in some form’,” Capps recalled, “and we were going to bring him back towards the end of last season, but the way the story arcs went it felt more appropriate to bring him back in Season 5.”

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