‘Miranda’ star wants George Clooney to play ‘hunky boyfriend’

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It was announced in February that the hit sitcom will move from BBC Two to BBC One for the next series, which will be broadcast “coming up to Christmas next year”.

Speaking to CultBox about her hopes for the third series, Hadland commented: “Hopefully some more stuff in the shop, I always love that, there’s so much physical comedy in there because we have so many props. I’d like a lot more slapstick. It’s quite a traditional old-fashioned style, but people seem to really like it and it’s great fun to do…”

She added: “I’d like Stevie to get a lovely hunky boyfriend… George Clooney would be nice! Maybe a big Hollywood star would quite like to do a quirky little British sitcom… I’ll suggest it to Miranda, I think we should go for it; George Clooney for Stevie’s boyfriend!”

The actress, who plays Miranda’s best friend Stevie in the show, confirmed that filming for Series 3 will begin in summer 2012 and that Miranda Hart will begin writing the scripts “soon”.

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