‘Not Going Out’: Series 6 start date announced

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Written by and starring Lee Mack, highlights from the sitcom’s new series include; convincing Lucy to spend a weekend on Lee’s dad’s (Bobby Ball) ‘stylish’ new boat even though she is terrified of water, finding himself a new girlfriend in a desperate attempt to make Lucy jealous, fighting for her attention when her first love reappears on the scene, and taking advantage of her new found counselling skills as a therapist.

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The new eight-part begins on BBC One on Friday 5 April with ‘Rabbit’. In an attempt to secure a lucrative work contract Lucy goes for dinner at a client’s house but on her way home accidentally drives over his daughter’s beloved pet rabbit. Panicking, in case she loses the job, she inveigles Lee into her hair-brained scheme to get herself off the hook.

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