Robert Lindsay and Bill Paterson join Sky Atlantic’s ‘Falcón’ cast

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Robert Lindsay (My Family), Bill Paterson (The Killing Fields) and Oscar®-nominated actress Rosie Pérez (Do The Right Thing) will appear in The Silent And The Damned, the second story in the four-part series based on Robert Wilson’s bestselling Javier Falcón novels.

The Silent And The Damned sees a suicide take Falcón to an exclusive area of Seville where wealthy neighbours keep their secrets well hidden and there’s more in the freezer than just food. Lindsay plays former film actor Pablo Ortega, whose star has long since faded, Paterson plays Ignacio Ortega, Pablo’s successful brother and Pérez plays high flying business executive Madeleine Flowers.

Guest stars in the opening story, The Blind Man of Seville, include Emilia Fox (Silent Witness), Kerry Fox (Shallow Grave), Bernard Hill (The Lord of The Rings) and Santiago Cabrera (Merlin).

Marton Csokas, best known as Elven Lord Celeborn in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, will play Falcón’s title character.

Falcón will air exclusively on Sky Atlantic later this year.

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