Rowling teases a whole host of future Strike books – could it run for 10 seasons?

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There could be a lot more Cormoron Strike on our screens in the near future, as author J K Rowling has revealed that she’s planning to write many, many more books featuring the lead character.

Rowling has already spoken about her approval of actor Tom Burke in the lead role, and credits the casting for putting her mind at ease about possible Strike adaptations in the future.

She said: “It’s always slightly unnerving, because you are obviously giving up control, so you’d better really trust the people you’re working with. That’s key for me. Who am I going to be working with?

“For Strike that was even more important because literally, the first time I met Tom, I said, ‘Well I hope to God you do enjoy playing this character because I think I’ve got at least another ten books in me, so you could be locked in for quite a few years here.

“I’m thrilled. I’m really happy. [Tom]’s a fantastic actor and he’s got all of the physicality of the part. It’s very important. The character’s obviously an amputee, it’s physically difficult at times for him to move, to walk, to navigate. All of that’s really in those scripts and Tom does it amazing justice and he’s extremely convincing I think as this wounded soldier.”

The next episode of Strike will air Sunday 3 September on BBC One.