Star Wars: The Last Jedi gag reel – Carrie Fisher slaps Oscar Isaac a lot

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The Star Wars: The Last Jedi gag reel has arrived on the web, to hype up the film’s arrival on home release formats. The main highlight of this short but sweet sizzle is seeing Carrie Fisher repeatedly slapping Oscar Isaac in the face. Clearly, both parties had a lot of fun filming Princess Leia’s demotion of Poe Dameron.

You can watch the slap-happy joy for yourself, right here…

Other highlights include BB-8 unveiling a baby, Kelly Marie Tran bursting out laughing, Daisy Ridley struggling to keep a straight face, things being lobbed at Benicio del Toro, Domhnall Gleeson mugging to the camera, and Mark Hamill emerging from an X-Wing.

There is also the small matter of Oscar Isaac cuddling up to John Boyega, jokingly baiting the heavily-shipping segment of the fanbase that wants Poe and Finn to couple up. Boyega is in the middle of an emotional embrace with Tran’s Rose, but Isaac clearly couldn’t resist getting involved. Great stuff.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will arrive in Blu-ray and DVD formats on British shop shelves on April 9th, 2018. The Blu-ray comes with an audio commentary, 14 deleted scenes, and numerous featurettes.

We’ll bring you more Star Wars news as we hear it.