Supergirl season 4: Kevin Smith returning to direct

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Kevin Smith will return to the Supergirl director’s chair for the show’s fourth season, it’s been confirmed.

Smith let slip, during the latest episode of his Fatman On Batman podcast, that he will be heading back to Vancouver to direct Supergirl season 4 episode 4. Here’s what the geek icon/indie filmmaker said:

“I go up to Supergirl, when is it? I’m doing Episode Four. I’m doing an episode, I shouldn’t say which one because I don’t think we’ve announced it yet.”

Smith has already directed three episodes of Supergirl and three of The Flash. He has also cameoed in The Flash recently, playing a security guard alongside his long-time collaborator Jason Mewes.

Smith has been incredibly prolific in recent months, despite suffering an on-stage heart attack earlier in the year that could have ended his life. As well as finishing and releasing the stand-up special that nearly killed him, Smith has also shared online the pilot to a new TV series entitled Hollyweed.

Additionally, Smith has been plotting a return to the big screen by developing Jay And Silent Bob Reboot. This is a sequel to Jay And Silent Bob Strikes Back that will poke fun at modern Hollywood. It will shoot this year and reunite Smith’s mostly-mute Clerks character with Jason Mewes’ dancing drug dealer Jay.

Smith has also been teasing “a huge writing gig” that he isn’t allowed to announce yet. It is apparently “the most massive IP” he has ever written for, which has fans speculating that Smith could be working on a big sci-fi or comic book movie.

As all of Smith’s projects develop, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. It’s rather impressive, in amongst all his own film and TV creations, that the indie creator has found time in his schedule to return to Supergirl.

The CW will air the premiere of Supergirl season 4 on October 14th. The UK broadcasts on Sky are usually a week or so later.