Swamp Thing star talks cancellation: “It was such a heartbreaker”

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Derek Mears, who plays the title character in Swamp Thing, has spoken out about the show’s shock cancellation, which was announced after just one episode had aired. Here’s what he said…

“It was such a heartbreaker to find out after our first episode that we got canceled for the second season,” Derek Mears told Collider, “but all we’ve heard up until that point was how amazing everything was. And everyone’s going, ‘We have a big hit on our hands. This is crazy.’ … So it’s a weird nebulous space that we’re all in now because we don’t know officially why that would happen, or why they cancelled it. Even if you are going to cancel it, wouldn’t you wait until later on until to see how it plays with fans before? So, something’s going on somewhere.”

Prior to the as-yet-unexplained cancellation, Swamp Thing was reduced from thirteen episodes down to ten, leaving the team behind the scene to scramble together a finale that work as episode ten. Mears said this about that process:

“I was worried at first, because we had a week or so — a week or two weeks to re-do everything and execute it so it all makes sense, and I was worried, going I don’t know how we’re going to get this all together, because we’ve been laying so many beautiful puzzle pieces, and the complexity these writers are doing is just … what a gift. What an absolute gift to be able to perform with, and seeing what they did, and them get together and just work sleepless nights putting it all together, and handing out the script for the new ending, and going like, ‘Oh my god. This works. I don’t know how you guys did this. You guys are magicians.'”

Swamp Thing’s one and only season is airing on the DC Universe streaming service in the States, and is yet to announce a UK broadcaster.