The Capture: trailer and images for big BBC drama

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The BBC has shared a trailer and some images for The Capture, its big upcoming crime drama with a very impressive cast…

“The Capture is an acutely timed thriller that looks at a troubling world of fake news and the extraordinary capabilities of the intelligence services”, a recent press bumf from the Beeb tells us. “In this ‘post-truth era’, can we really believe what we see?”

Written and directed by Ben Chanan, The Capture stars Holiday Grainger, Callum Turner, Ron Perlman, Famke Janssen, Laura Haddock, Ben Miles, Lia Williams, Sophia Brown, Paul Ritter, Adelayo Adedayo, Ralph Ineson, Cavan Clerkin, Barry Ward, Ginny Holder and Nigel Lindsay.

This six-part series is coming soon to BBC One, and you can watch the trailer right here…

Furthermore, the description for that trailer includes this plot summary: “When proud British soldier Shaun Emery’s (Turner) conviction for a murder in Afghanistan is successfully overturned due to flawed video evidence, he begins to plan for his life as a free man with his six year old daughter. However, when damning CCTV footage emerges from an incident in London, it isn’t long before Shaun finds himself fighting for his freedom once more, only with lies, betrayal and corruption spreading further than he ever could have imagined. With DI Rachel Carey (Grainger) drafted in to investigate in what could be a career-defining case, she must discover if there is more to the shocking evidence than first meets the eye. Rachel will soon learn that the truth is merely a matter of perspective – before deciding what hers is.

“With an adamant Shaun battling with his tormented past in order to clear his name once and for all, The Capture looks at a troubling world of misinformation, fake news, and the extraordinary technological capabilities of the intelligence services.”

As well as the picture atop this article, the BBC also shared these images…

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.