‘The Hour’ creator reveals plans for Series 3

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The Hour creator Abi Morgan has discussed what might have happened in a third series of the 1950s newsroom drama.

Starring Dominic West, Romola Garai and Ben Whishaw, The Hour launched on BBC Two in July 2011 but will not be returning following low ratings for last year’s Series 2, it was announced last month.

Morgan told Vulture: “I like the idea that you thought [Freddie] died [following Series 2’s cliffhanger]. I liked the idea of Freddie becoming disillusioned with the government and with the police and, in a way, with the media. Freddie might have gone to the dark side in Series 3, and it may have been up to Bel to pull him back.”

On the subject of Bel and Freddie’s kiss in the finale, the writer commented: “The suspension of the kiss is always the thing that’s most exciting. I played with that not happening, but because we had reached that peak in Series 1 — Was he ever going to express his feelings for her? — I kind of thought I had to do it in Series 2.”

She added: “I loved the idea that he traveled and he had been to America and he had been exposed to a whole new cultural, social world. He grew up, and part of that was that he needed to take the reins and kiss her. There was quite a lot of thought given to that kiss.”

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