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The IT Crowd: a third attempt is being made to take it to America

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Graham Linehan’s much-loved TV series The IT Crowd has had a couple of attempts to crack the American market thus far. Thus far without success, too.

However, Linehan himself is now set to oversee a third attempt to take the show to America, with NBC ordering a pilot episode for a US remake of The IT Crowd.

Linehan will be writing the script for the new attempt, and on the Sitcom Geeks Podcast, he noted that the show would take account of the progress in technology over the last decade.

The first pilot for a US remake featured Richard Ayoade reprising the role of Moss, with Joel McHale and Jessica St Clair on board too. Then, in 2014, Scrubs’ Bill Lawrence had a go at taking the show to the States.

Linehan will be hoping, now that he’s directly involved, that it’s third time lucky.

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