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Exclusive: Showtime is developing a Penny Dreadful spin-off

Showtime’s Penny Dreadful was, for all of its supporting cast of “famous monsters of literature land,” the story of Vanessa Ives. An original character, played very originally by Eva Green, she became the focus of the the series’ story, and her arc was the overall arc that its writers concentrated on. So when the time … >

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The UKGC Have Stolen My Casino Free Spins

2018 has definitely been tougher on the UK gambling industry, as well as online casino operators who are catering to not only UK punters but also a worldwide gamer base. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has announced tougher crackdowns on online casino operators in mid-2017 and has been meting out stiff penalties to what the … >

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Doctor Who series 11 launch date officially announced, episode title revealed

After yesterday’s legal kerfuffle, that you can read about here, the BBC has now confirmed that the launch date of Doctor Who series 11 will indeed by Sunday 7th October. This information was leaked by iTunes yesterday. It’s the much-rumoured move to Sunday nights for the show, that’ll instantly stop it having to work around the Strictly Come … >

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Doctor Who: a note about the story we’ve had to withdraw

Following a legal cease and desist letter we’ve received from lawyers acting on behalf on the BBC/BBC Studios (and not directly from the BBC’s own legal department), we thought it prudent to explain what’s happened over the past 24 hours. Yesterday, iTunes across Europe revealed the launch date for Doctor Who series 11, a series that … >

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