The Muppets rumour: Josh Gad could be developing a series for Disney’s streaming service

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If you’ve been wanting a bit more of The Muppets in your life, here’s a rumour that’s sure to float your boat: Josh Gad is reportedly developing a new TV show, all about Kermit and his felt-based friends, for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. Here are the details…

According to the rumour, which originated from Splash Report and has been picked up by several sizeable entertainment outlets, the Frozen and Beauty & The Beast star is developing this new Muppets project with Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (of Once Upon A Time vintage).

The report states that the show is entitled Muppets Live Another Day, and posits that its story will pick up “right after the events of 1984’s The Muppets Take Manhattan.”

The Splash Report claims that Rowlf will disappear at a time where the Muppets have disbanded, which will prompt Kermit to get the gang back together and find him.

We’re imagining a puppet version of Taken, but that’s probably just our weird imagination talking, isn’t it?

Either way, taking the Muppets back to the nostalgia-infused 1980s seems like a plausible move, following short-lived attempts in recent years to revamp the franchise – both on TV and in cinemas – with modern-day adventures.

As we hear more about these rumours, which suggest that Muppets Live Another Day will debut on Disney+ in 2020, we’ll keep you posted.

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