‘The Tunnel’ star unsure about Series 2

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Written by Ben Richards (Spooks), the British-French remake of Danish-Swedish thriller The Bridge began last October and followed the investigation into the death of a French politician whose body is found on the border between England and France.

Dillane told Digital Spy: “There was talk about [a second series], but I don’t know if it’s still alive.”

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The Game of Thrones actor also revealed that he has never watched The Bridge before filming The Tunnel: “I had no idea at all of the existence of the Scandinavian show when I was first sent the script. I was told that there was this other project called The Bridge and it was then a question of whether to look at it or not, and I decided not to. I wanted to come at it fresh. I think sometimes you can look at original material and you can develop attachments that aren’t necessarily helpful.”

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