Thor’s roommate Darryl survived Avengers: Infinity War, new video reveals

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A funny new video has revealed that Thor’s roommate Darryl survived the ‘snap’ at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Daley Pearson first played this role in the hilarious ‘Team Thor‘ short film, which offered a comedic spin on the God Of Thunder’s absence from Captain America: Civil War. Darryl was last seen in the Thor: Ragnarok DVD extras, where he took on Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster as his new flatmate.

The news of Darryl’s post-snap survival comes from yet another viral video, with Daley Pearson reprising his role to send a birthday message to Thor. The inspiration for this seems to be Chris Hemsworth’s actual birthday, which occurred on August 11th.

You can watch Darryl’s birthday message right here…

Sure, Josh Brolin’s Thanos brought a warped kind of balance to the universe by wiping out half of its population, but did he take a minute before donning the Infinity Gauntlet to think of all the office workers who would have to work weekends after their colleagues were reduced to piles of dust on the floor? Apparently not.

Darryl’s busy schedule gives us yet another reason to root for the remaining Avengers in their on-going strife against the Mad Titan. When Avengers 4 rolls around on April 26th 2019, we’ll know that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are fighting to free up Darryl’s weekends and bring his colleagues back to both life and the workplace.

We’ll keep bringing you Marvel Cinematic Universe news, from the silly to the serious, as and when we see it.