‘Torchwood’ writer John Fay discusses Series 4

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Fay wrote two episodes of the show’s third series, which aired in 2009, and has written Episode 9 of Torchwood: Miracle Day, which will begin this July on BBC One and the Starz channel in the US.

Answering questions earlier today in a web chat for the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo, Fay revealed: “I can tell you a lot of my ep is set in Wales, and has already been shot.”

Asked how he found the Miracle Day writers’ room, he replied: “Daunting! The other writers in the room were phenomenal.”

Questioned about how the new series will differ from the first three series, he commented: “Russell and Julie Gardner remain in charge, so I think it’ll still have the same basic tone. There are more American characters in it, so obviously it’ll probably feel more American.”

Fay went on to discuss working with Torchwood creator Russell T Davies and how he feels about Davies’ notorious rewrites: “Ep 2 of [Children Of Earth] is all mine I think. He moved a bit of his Ep 5 onto the back of my Ep 4, and wrote an extra scene between the PM and his adviser, but that was pretty much it. I can’t speak for the new series yet because I haven’t seen it.”

He added: “With RTD it’s not a problem. Apart from anything else, he’s a great writer and he’s the boss. I have been re-written by some lesser writers in the past though. And that does piss you off!”