Will the latest Bourne instalment go down as a cult classic?

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The latest Bourne instalment Jason Bourne was released in 2016, and as it was one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, we’re taking a look at whether it has what it takes to go down as a cult classic.

In this latest film, we see Matt Damon return to possibly his most iconic role as Jason Bourne, and the CIA is back at his heels once again. We also see a return of ex-CIA agent Nicky Parsons, who finds Bourne lying low in Greece after she hacks into the CIA’s system and uncovers a lot of secrets that they wanted to bury. The film is a thrilling espionage adventure and Jason Bourne is certainly right in the middle of the hurricane.


The Bourne Series

Based on the thrilling novel by Robert Ludlum, the Bourne Identity was possibly Matt Damon’s recovery after a number of box-office flops prior to the release of the first Bourne film. Now with five Bourne films in the series, it is certain that while Jason Bourne is set to be a cult classic film on its own, the series is also another set of cult classics.

It is rare to find someone who hasn’t seen, let alone heard, of the Bourne films, and after the popular demand of the first one, it was inevitable that more of the films would be produced. In fact, it has been said that the Jason Bourne series rivals that of James Bond, with their tense and psychologically dark atmospheres.

However, after the first three, both Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass decided enough was enough, which led to the fourth Bourne film The Bourne Legacy revolving around a new character known as Aaron Cross who was played by Jeremy Renner.

While this was still popular, it was a couple of hundred million dollars down. In an interview, Matt Damon was asked about any roles that he would reprise and while originally Jason Bourne was not one of them until his reprisal in the 2016 movie, Damon did suggest that the directors of cult film Rounders have now got new ideas based on the impact of online poker and casinos. It may be time to head to an online casino and work on the slots paylines and the poker tables in preparation of what is set to be another cult classic release.


Jason Bourne

Both Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon had a change of heart, and one of the reasons why the film and the series will go down as a cult classic is due to the fact that they are based on what is relevant at the time. For example, the first four in the series were based on the ‘war on terror’ and the global reality at the time, and because of this, the pair believed that the action thrillers had run their course.

However, Greengrass then realised that times were changing, and with this new focus on a Julian Assange-type character, and the world of super-hackers and governmental surveillance, both director and actor wanted to reflect this in the new film. With thrilling scenes throughout the film and an excellent storyline, the film is without a doubt set to remain a cult classic along with the entire Bourne series (in particular the first, second and third films) for a very long time.