Humans star expects a big time jump between series 3 and 4

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Channel 4 and AMC’s Synth-stuffed drama, Humans, has not been officially picked up for its fourth season just yet. Nonetheless, actor Will Tudor has been sharing his predictions…

Tudor originally played Odi in the show, but that Synth was eventually shut down. An artificial intelligence named V then took over Odi’s robot body, causing Tudor to come back to the show in a new role.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Tudor said this about his character swap and what could come next:

Obviously where Odi was left at the end of series two, we thought he’s gone. So when they [series creators Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley] told me this story, I was so excited. And what’s great, as well, is putting the two storylines together, having V come back [from series two]. I was watching back again… watching all of Carrie-Anne Moss’s scenes [as V’s creator Athena Morrow] to get what I could about that character.”

Tudor also said this, touching on the time jump he’d expect to see if the show does come back for a fourth series:

“Where it’s been left is a very exciting moment. And as with the [time] jump between series two and three, I imagine there will have to be a big jump between three and four, in terms of where the world is.”

As we hear more about the future of Humans, we’ll be sure to let you know. It would be particularly exciting to hear an official announcement of series 4, so we’ll keep our ears peeled for that…