Trust Me episode 3 review

Jodie Whittaker talks playing another (fake) doctor on medical drama Trust Me

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Before she suits up for the biggest role of her career, new Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker will be playing a very different kind of doctor on BBC medical drama Trust Me.

Speaking to Digital Spy the actress said of the show’s production: “The writer, Dan [Sefton], who is also a medical consultant and a doctor outside of TV production, showed us a load of stuff that he used when he was training people. He brought in the CPR dummy and showed us how to do a cannula and he, very bravely, let me put a cannula in his vein.

“I did it right, thank God! Also, YouTube is amazing. The genius of the internet is that you can basically sit at home and Google medical procedures, and TV shows such as 24 Hours in A&E, which I watched hours of,” she continued.

The series follows struggling mum Cath Hardacre, played by Whittaker, who steals the identity of her best friend in order to find work at a Glasgow clinic.

“What’s hard is trying to gauge how good a liar she is, or how in a panic she is,” she continued. “You’ve got to be careful, because you can’t make the other actors seem stupid.

“These are intelligent and fully-formed characters that you’re working with, so it was a fine line of being able to deceive and it not being something that comes easily to her. However, it can’t be that it makes everyone around her feel a bit like an idiot for not working it out.”

Trust Me premieres on BBC One in August.