Live and Kicking-style Saturday morning kids shows are coming back! [UPDATED]

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The BBC has today announced the presenting line up for The Saturday Mash-Up, a new live show in the vein of past glories The Multicoloured Swap-Shop, Number 73, Live and Kicking or TISWAS.

As well as humans Yasmin Evans and Jonny Nelson there’s CBBC stalwart Hacker T. Dog who is, depending on your outlook, a dog, a puppet, or both. Sadly, the show won’t get the full bandwidth of a BBC One broadcast.

[UPDATE: But how about the fairly generous platform of a BBC Two screening? Judging from a tweet by Jonny Nelson, it seems like that’s the plan!]

The exact format of Mash-Up isn’t clear yet but Evans has underlined that the new show is very reminiscent of old ones, saying:

“It’s an absolute honour to be a part of the show. Most of us can remember that, when we were younger, Saturday mornings were made for eating breakfast in front of live kids TV. Myself, Jonny and Hacker are ready to bring back that anarchy to Saturday mornings. You’re in for a real treat!”

And some Rice Krispies in our pyjamas too. Personally, we’re rather excited, having been very fond of this kind of TV in the past. It was usually quite ramshackle, but the ‘liveness’ was part of the appeal, and there was something ‘personality led’ about the best of the old shows that made them feel like good company to be around. Hopefully Evans and Nelson will have some charisma; regular CBBC viewers should know already that the dog definitely does. We like Hacker a lot more than we ever did Gordon the Gopher, Posh Paws or that creepy rubber sheep thing on ITV’s Ghost Train.

The Saturday Mash-Up starts in September. Us and our Shreddies are ready for it.

Here’s our favourite ever bit of Saturday Superstore. The Mash Up is very unlikely to compete with this gold standard but really, the calibre of Saturday morning kids’ telly in the UK is so bad right now that we’ll take anything even one fifth as good as Thatcher getting persistently hounded by a little girl.