Loki Wednesday is the new Friday

Loki — Wednesday is the new Friday as Tim Hiddleston reveals

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Loki is coming to Disney+ in June, and the good news is he arrives earlier than originally scheduled

Tom Hiddleston has made a short video. His character gets overlooked in the big Marvel trailers; his charm doesn’t shine as much as it might. Worry not! He has a solution — the start date trailer for Loki has a change. The show will arrive on Wednesday June 9 instead of Friday June 11!

We applaud this. While streamers are locked into Friday launches to get the weekend audience (despite lockdown, a lot of people at home are actually working), and keen to get the numbers in for the Nielsens, this lets a show get more of a head of steam up for the weekend, and avoids some difficult Friday lunchtime decisions as to which new show to watch first.

As an extra bonus, there’s a new trailer giving a quick look at the new show. Will this be a one-off experiment and will others follow suit? While a lot of people might have a Monday to Friday pattern, a lot don’t and with streaming being on demand it makes sense to flex the offerings. We’ve still to get a firm view on weekly vs binge-able series drops and find room for both in our watching. What’s next? Daily releases? Sunday releases? As ever, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and bring you the news when it appears.