Lucasfilm Games signals the dawn of a new era after decades of glory

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New brand Lucasfilm Games is more than a marketing exercise but a focus for the future of gaming for the studios

Almost since Star Wars hit cinemas in 1977, we’ve had games inspired by the franchise and other titles. We’ve fond memories of days in seaside resorts playing Star Wars pinball and flying an X-wing in am arcade machine you sat in (this was the early 1980s). Roll forward and many PC classics have followed including TIE fighter piloting and epics such as Knights of the Old Republic. Who could forget Lego Star Wars? The sage continues under the banner of Lucasfilm Games.

First evidence of the change comes on social media channels with the launch of social channels on Twitter (@LucasfilmGames) and Facebook (@LucasfilmGames). Bigger news is a new project with Ubisoft to bring a new story-driven Star Wars game to market. It’s very early days and we are undoubtedly years away from a release. You can read the news item / interviews here courtesy of Ubisoft. There’s also an interview with Douglas Reilly (VP of Lucasfilm Games) you can read here. His ambition extends beyond the easy target of Star Wars into other franchises, including suggestion of Indiana Jones!