Manifest gets a fourth seasons after cancellation and will come to the UK

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Netflix has given the series Manifest a fourth season — another cancelled show returns

In the modern market for television, series get cancelled regularly. Occasionally they get picked up by another outlet, and sometimes do really well as a result (Lucifer is our touchstone here, but many other shows have take the same route.) On such show is Manifest; cancelled after season 3, cue fan reaction and a Netflix pick-up. If you’re in the UK, this might all be a little so what? Keep reading…

What is Manifest, who is in it and how can I watch it?

Here’s a plot summary (from Wikipedia)

While traveling from Jamaica to New York City, Montego Air Flight 828 experiences a brief period of severe turbulence. When they land at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York, the plane’s 191 passengers and crew learn from NSA director Robert Vance that over five and a half years have passed while they were in the air, during which time they were presumed dead. As they rejoin society, the passengers begin to face the fact that their lives — and loved ones — are not the same as they were, while they also begin to experience guiding voices and visions representing events yet to occur, referred to as ‘callings.’

So, it’s a fantasy / science fiction series with a clear summary (almost high concept). It was made for NBC for three seasons between 2018 and 2021, and created by Jeff Rake. The case included Melissa Roxburgh (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time), Athena Karkanis (Zoo), J. R. Ramirez (Jessica Jones), Luna Blaise (Fresh off the Boat), Jack Messina (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Parveen Kaur (Beyond), Matt Long (Christmas Joy), and Holly Taylor (Rogue Hostage).

The show has predominantly aired in the US and Netflix has shown it there after it’s been on NBC. To watch in the UK, it’s only been available on Now TV.

So what’s happening now?

Over the weekend, Deadline (and others) brought the news Manifest has been given a fourth season by Netflix. There have been many other reports, with varying levels of detail. In a nutshell, the fan campaign to #SaveManifest not only generated social media interest, but this was reflected in figures on Netflix US. Varying negotiations took place, and the conclusion is Manifest will get a further 20 episodes, dropped (like Lucifer season 5) in two (at least) tranches. Netflix has also ensured international rights to seasons 1-3 and it’s expected UK Netflix subscribers will get the chance to watch this intriguing show later this year.

It’s good news for would-be fans, unlike the current Lucifer position in the UK, where Netflix has seasons 4, 5 and soon 6, Amazon Prime has season 3, but nobody has seasons 1 or 2!

We’re looking forward to seeing Manifest in the UK, and will keep you posted on dates as we get them.