More Bridgerton seasons

More Bridgerton seasons confirmed while season two still in production

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More Bridgerton is the latest news from Lady Whistledown in a surprise (but welcome) announcement

Just an hour ago, Lady Whistledown took to Twitter (impressive from the early nineteenth century) to bring news of two more Bridgerton seasons:

Esteemed members of the Ton,

It seems we have a rather special announcement.

Bridgerton shall return for seasons three and four.

It seems we shall have to purchase more ink…

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown

Obviously it’s far too early to worry about cast, though we can make a few predictions. It might even mean a chance for a later season cameo from the Duke! Of course this takes us half-way through the novels, but don’t worry, Julia Quinn also has the four (so far) Rokesby series. These are set a generation earlier so we can expect several seasons for a few years to come!

If the TV follows the Julia Quinn novels, they will draw from. Book three is An Offer from a Gentleman and tells Benedict’s story, whereas book four is Romancing Mister Bridgerton in which a certain Penelope Featherington might just be the answer to his dreams. No doubt Lady W will have plenty to say! We’ll keep you posted as production proceeds.