Mr. Robot season 4 will be filled with “answers, hacking, and blood”

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The upcoming fourth season of Mr. Robot will be its last…

Sam Esmail’s Mr. Robot is on its way out. Debuting this month, season 4 has been pumped up to 12 episodes to conclude its saga, and though series creator Esmail seemingly considered the idea of a fifth run before deciding that Mr. Robot had drawn to a natural end, it looks like it will wrap up well.

In a new interview with EW, Esmail has been chatting about what we can expect from the very last season of his dark drama – “answers, hacking, and blood.” Yes, it seems like Elliot (Rami Malek) will finally get a chance to take down White Rose (BD Wong) for good.

“Obviously, the whole series was set out to take down these sort of puppet masters from the beginning, but along the way, it’s been kind of foggy to exactly who that is and who specifically is pulling the strings,” explained Esmail. “And now at the end of season 3 and as we go into season 4, all that is crystalised to White Rose. So, yes, the directive hasn’t been clearer than it has been as we go into this season, that White Rose is the ultimate target.”

Elliot and Mr. Robot were fighting each other inside the walls of Elliot’s brain for most season 3, but things are definitely about to take a turn:

“Season 3’s theme was disintegration, where we’ve seen Elliot and Mr. Robot at odds like we have never seen them before in the series, I would say that the word for season 4 is integration. We saw a little bit of this at the end of season 3, where we’ve seen them go through this reconciliation, and season 4 now begins this new relationship where they’re really on the same team now and working together.”

Here’s the Mr Robot season 4 trailer…

The USA Network will premiere the first episode of Mr. Robot‘s fourth and final season on 6 October. The UK streaming date on Amazon Prime Video is the 7th.