Mr Robot: Get a look at season 3 with new clip

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Prepare yourself, friend. This clip is just the beginning.

With the (US) premiere date for Mr Robot‘s third season set for October 11th, promotion is starting to amp up and we now have a short 1-minute look at what’s to come.

The video was tweeted by the show’s official account, with an ominous message telling us to ‘prepare ourselves’.

07/08/2017: If there’s one thing twisty cyber-thriller Mr Robot does well, it’s get us all excited about what’s to come, and this first trailer for season three is no exception.

While the show lost some of its zeigesty-ness during the devisive second season, it’s still one of the most unique and experimental things on television and for that alone deserves our attention.

The voiceover is taken from the Leonard Cohen song, Democracy, and we’ve helpfully transcribed the whole thing here.

Coming from the sorrow in the street, the holy places where the races meet. From the homicidal bitching that goes down in every kitchen, to determine who will serve and who will eat. It’s coming to America first. The cradle of the best to the worst. It’s here they’ve got the reigns and the machinery of change, and it’s here they’ve got the spiritual thirst.

I’m sentimental if you know what I mean. I love the country but I can’t stand the scene. And I’m neither left nor right, I’m just staying home tonight. Getting lost in the hopeless little screen. From the wars against disorder, from the sirens night and day. Democracy is coming to the USA.

Listen to the full song below.