Netflix gaming – beta testing takes place on TVs, PCs and Macs

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The streamer begins beta testing in the UK and Canada. 

Back in 2021, Netflix stuck a toe into the world of gaming when they launched games on mobile devices. Now, plans are afoot to expand the reach to smart TVs and home computers too.

The company is rolling out a limited beta test to a small number of members in Canada and the UK on select TVs. A trail on PCs and Macs through on supported browsers follows in the next few weeks.

Netflix gaming

Netflix currently has 35 games available to its subscribers, with 55 more in development. However, just two games are part of the initial test – Oxenfree from Night School Studio, a Netflix Game Studio, and Molehew’s Mining Adventure, a gem-mining arcade game. To control the games on your TV, players will be using their mobile phones. For PCs and Macs it will naturally be the mouse and keyboard.

Games on TV will operate on select devices from their initial partners including Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Players, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, Nvidia Shield TV, Roku devices and TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and Walmart ONN. They plan to add additional devices on an ongoing basis.

Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP, Games says:

“This limited beta is meant to test our game streaming technology and controller, and to improve the member experience over time.”

We’ll keep you posted on Netflix gaming.