Alice in Borderland

Netflix lines up Alice in Borderland

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Premiering on Netflix next month, Alice in Borderland is an original live-action adaptation from a fan-favourite manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Haro Aso and first serialized in Shōnen Sunday Comics.

A high-concept, high-tech psychological thriller, Alice in Borderland recounts the story of a group of slacker video-gamers who find themselves transported to an alternate version of Toyko, where they are compelled to compete in bizarre games that have the highest possible stakes – their lives.

Living a jobless and video-game obsessed life, Ryohei Alice has become bored. During a festival celebration, Ryohei wishes for life in another world, one more exciting than the one he and two friends live in. His wish is granted, and suddenly Ryohei and his two friends, Karube and Segawa, find themselves in a parallel world where the key to survival is by playing games.

Netflix has just released the final pre-launch trailer.

Written by Yasuko Kuramitsu and directed by Shinsuke Sato, series one of Alice in Borderland is released on Netflix on 10 December.