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Torchwood: Dead Man's Switch cover design

Torchwood: Dead Man’s Switch review

November’s monthly Torchwood story pulls the spotlight away from the main Hub crew to push the focus back in the direction of the malevolent, machiavellian manipulator Bilis Manger. Last heard of in the deliciously dark Deadbeat Escape back in August 2018, Manger has lost none of his nefarious charms by the time the events of … >

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Cover of Torchwood Smashed audio from Big Finish

Torchwood: Smashed review

The latest monthly Torchwood release from Big Finish returns the spotlight to the character of Gwen Cooper, who was last heard from in the richly atmospheric standalone story Night of the Fendahl released back in April. That return to the mythos of the Fendahl made for a creepy and unnerving tale. Smashed has an altogether … >

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Torchwood One: Latter Days

Torchwood One: Latter Days review

This latest Torchwood One audio boxset offers a trilogy of tales shaped by different reflections on a common theme: the challenges that come from the ageing process, as the clichés of the “mid-life crisis” are gradually displaced by the personal upsets that can follow the end of a working life, the onset of illness and … >

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Big Finish - Torchwood - The Vigil - front cover

Torchwood: The Vigil review

Thrown together through the luck-of-the-draw of the Torchwood recruitment process, this pair of newbie investigators could hardly be more ill-matched. Toshiko Sato is diligent, attentive, meticulous and aims to excel in everything she’s asked to do. Her fellow recruit Sebastian Vaughan is something else entirely. Born into a family of wealth and privilege, Sebastian is … >

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Space 1999 - Breakaway - Big Finish

Space: 1999 Breakaway review

The latest 1970s genre property to receive the Big Finish audio makeover treatment is the hugely fondly remembered interstellar epic Space: 1999 – the opening episode of which is retold here infused with a strong contemporary ethos and tone that remains respectful but not reverential to the original source material. The second live action series … >

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Transference - Big Finish

Transference review

Easily the most ambitious Big Finish Originals audio drama to date, conspiracy thriller Transference presents itself as a pretty demanding listen. Weighing in with a total runtime of eight hours, and commanding a significant price tag (for a digital-download-only release), Big Finish are expecting a significant investment from the company’s loyal listeners for what is … >

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Torchwood: Serenity review

The dynamic between Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones has always been one of the most entertaining relationships within the Torchwood team, and the chance to have the pair reunited on audio (as Big Finish jumps around the Torchwood timeline) is always an appealing prospect. In Serenity, the latest adventure, written by James Moran, there’s … >

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The Omega Factor: Festival of Darkness review

Amidst the exuberant creativity and youthful enthusiasm of the 1979 Edinburgh Fringe Festival an undercurrent of malevolence threatens to engulf the work of one talented group of young performers. These highly motivated and impressively skilled youngsters are involved with a project that the head of Department 7, the controversial paranormal investigation unit, has given his … >

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Survivors series 9 review 

These final four dramatic episodes bring to a first-class conclusion nine series of original full-cast audio dramas set in the world of Terry Nation’s peerless 1970s’ post-apocalyptic BBC serial Survivors. With an experienced creative team completely in command of the material, and knowing in advance that these instalments are the closing chapter in the current … >

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Torchwood: God Among Us Part 3 review

The massive flood triggered by the tsunami finale of the previous series of the God Among Us trilogy has left disaster in its wake as the third instalment opens. Cardiff Bay is in ruins, hundreds are dead, others are missing, and the shell-shocked survivors are hunkered down in inland refugee camps. But when it comes … >

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