High & Dry

New Marc Wootton comedy show gets six-episode order from E4

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Channel 4 has announced that it’s greenlit six episodes of Marc Wootton’s new comedy series, High & Dry. The show started as one of its BLAP shorts, the channel’s online showcase for new programme ideas. And now it’s been taken to a full series.

High & Dry has elements of Lost about it. As the official description runs, it “centres around survivors of a plane crash who have washed up on a remote island in the Pacific”.

“Led by overbearing, sociopath air steward Brett Sullivan, also self-proclaimed ‘King of the Island”, the survivors assemble together in the belief they are each other’s best chance of survival, or so they think…. will people show their true colours when survival instincts kick in and will  they ever stand a chance of being rescued?”

Wootton – best known as Mr Poppy in the Nativity films – takes on the role of Brett, with Asum Chaudhry, Harry Peacock, Vicki Pepperdine and Grace Rex joining him in the cast. Dave Lambert directs.

Half a dozen half an hour episodes have been ordered. No transmission date has yet been announced, but you can see the BLAP, right here