Outnumbered set to return

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Hugh Dennis has confirmed that plans are afoot for more episodes of the hit television comedy, Outnumbered.

Even though the main series run has ended, the most recent Christmas special – screened on Boxing Day last year – seems to have whetted the appetite for all concerned to make more, and the BBC is keen to run them. Hugh Dennis, chatting to Lorraine Kelly, said that “there will be more specials, because that does seem to work. The special we did last year really worked”.

There won’t be another full series, however. But as Dennis added, “the kids on the show aren’t kids now, but luckily kids tend to live at home with their parents now ’til they’re about 40 so it can still work”.

Whether there will be a new special in time for this Christmas remains to be seen. But it doesn’t sound like one has been filmed yet, so we’d suggest it might be a while before the Brockman family arrive back on our screens…