The cast of the Outnumbered Christmas special 2024 - Hugh Dennis, Daniel Roache, Clare Skinner, Tyger Drew-Honey and Ramona Marquez

Outnumbered will return for an unexpected Christmas special

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Outnumbered returns to our screens for Christmas — eight years since its last appearance. 

Amidst a large swathe of comedy announcements, the BBC has dropped news of the return of the Brockman family in a new Christmas special.

Yes, Outnumbered, which ran from 2007-14, plus the aforementioned 2016 special will see Hugh Dennis as dad Pete, Claire Skinner as mum Sue, Tyger Drew-Honey as eldest son Jake, Daniel Roche as middle child Ben, and Ramona Marquez as daughter, Karen.

The Brockman children
Karen, Ben and Jake — “children” no more

As before, the show is written by creators Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton, and will follow the chaos in the downsized home of Pete and Sue Brockman, as they grapple with the challenges of parenting kids who are now adults, with their own lives to lead.

What’s the Outnumbered Christmas special about?

From the BBC press release, we learn:

In a moment of adversity, Sue and Pete gather all their offspring (including one grandchild) to try and celebrate a traditional family Christmas. But fate, neighbours, hyenas and bus replacement services get in their way.

No, we don’t know any more about the grandchild than that, nor the moment of adversity mentioned, but the prospect of squeezing the Brockmans into one small house for Christmas can only lead to the mayhem we know and love.

There are bound to be more reveals before Christmas — as ever we’ll keep you posted.