Ozark keeps the top spot in the latest Nielsen ratings

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Ozark keeps the top spot in the latest Nielsens, but we bring you the stories behind the data

We have the Nielsen numbers for May 9-15, and Ozark still rides high. Last time we suggested:

Ozark leads but new arrivals The Lincoln Lawyer and Welcome to Eden look to have done well. Bridgerton might make #10, and with the series ending, expect Moon Knight and Outer Range to fall back.

We give ourselves a pat on the back…

The Nielsen numbers

First the source numbers (historic, US and we add the columns marked ‘*’).

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix Ozark 44 60 1,730 28,833,333
2 Netflix The Lincoln Lawyer 10 50 884 17,680,000
3 Netflix Grace And Frankie 95 30 584 19,466,667
4 Hulu Candy (2022) 5 50 577 11,540,000
5 Netflix Workin’ Moms 70 22 512 23,272,727
6 Netflix The Circle 44 50 380 7,600,000
7 Netflix Bridgerton 16 60 304 5,066,667
8 Amazon Outer Range 8 50 292 5,840,000
9 Disney+ Moon Knight 6 45 289 6,422,222
10 Netflix Welcome To Eden 8 40 259 6,475,000

Ozark keeps the top spot

With 1.73 billion minutes watched, Ozark keeps hold of its top of the table position, even though numbers are now well in decline compared to previous weeks. It still managed double the audience time of its nearest rival.

What else happened?

The Lincoln Lawyer
The Lincoln Lawyer arrives

It’s a good first weekend for new series The Lincoln Lawyer making the #2 spot in the table with nearly 900 million minutes, then Grace and FrankieCandy (2022) and Workin’ Moms all score similar audience time.

The decline in both Moon Knight and Outer Range seems sharp, whereas Bridgerton is soldiering on and exceeding our projections.

What are we looking out for next week?

The Netflix data suggests The Lincoln Lawyer might take the top spot over Ozark (the Nielsens count all seasons as one, Netflix don’t), and good showings from The Circle and Who Killed Sara? We expect Netflix to dominate with Moon Knight and Outer Range fading from view. Whatever happens, we’ll be back with our usual analysis.