Ozark leads the latest Nielsens

Ozark leads the latest Nielsens

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The Nielsen ratings for May 2-8 show Ozark leads the pack by some distance — we walk you through all the data

The Nielsen ratings have arrived, and as predicted, Ozark sits at the top of the table. Last week, we suggested:

Ozark still at the top, with The Marked Heart rising. Bridgerton holds up well and it looks like Grace and Frankie drops back. We expect Moon Knight to hold its audience, Outer Range to exit

We got more right than wrong, and we’ll talk about that later, first the data…

The Nielsens for May 2-8

Remember, this is US data for a few weeks ago, we add columns marked ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix Ozark 44 60 3,329 55,483,333
2 Netflix Grace And Frankie 95 30 880 29,333,333
3 Disney+ Moon Knight 6 45 715 15,888,889
4 Amazon Outer Range 8 50 425 8,500,000
5 Netflix Selling Sunset 45 45 360 8,000,000
6 Netflix Bullsh*T The Gameshow 10 40 345 8,625,000
7 Netflix Meltdown: Three Mile Island 4 43 325 7,558,140
8 Netflix Bridgerton 16 60 287 4,783,333
9 Netflix The Circle 40 50 270 5,400,000
10 Amazon The Wilds (2020) 18 55 262 4,763,636

Ozark leads the field

With seven days figures rather than last week’s three, Ozark has smashed through the 3 billion minutes barrier with ease, and gathered more audience time than most of the rest of the Top 10 put together. Impressive, but part 1 of this season 4 managed over 4 billion minutes on its second week. The numbers are strong and will no doubt continue for a week or two further.

What else happened?

Imogen Poots Outer Range
Imogen Poots — Outer Range

First what did we get wrong? Well Grace and Frankie actually picked up viewers, and Outer Range managed a jump with the end of the series being released.

Bridgerton is still holding out, and Moon Knight added to its haul on its final week.

Actually, though the top of the table is unchanged in order (though not volume) and again the chart is very much dominated by its #1.

What are we looking out for next week?

Starting with Netflix own dataOzark leads but new arrivals The Lincoln Lawyer and Welcome to Eden look to have done well. Bridgerton might make #10, and with the series ending, expect Moon Knight and Outer Range to fall back.

Whatever happens, we’ll be back with out usual analysis. ‘Til next time!