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Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Rick Riordan talks S2 planning

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If commissioned, season two will adapt Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

While we have still yet to see any of the new Disney+ series adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, author Rick Riordan is already striking a positive tone about a potential second season.

The debut run of the show lands in 2024 and adapts the sags’s first book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell)

It will star Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson, with Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth and Aryan Simhadri as Grover. The show’s wider ensemble includes Toby Stephens, Jason Mantzoukas and the late Lance Reddick.

Adding a spring update to his blog, Riordan explains that the first season is now in the post production phase. He outlines the months of work this involves, and confirms an eight-episode run which is “shaping up beautifully.”

Going on to talk about the future, he says:

“Meanwhile, we have started work on the writers’ room for season two. This does NOT mean the second season has been green-lit yet. It’s too early for that. But we have been approved to start developing scripts, and I think everyone’s expectation is that a second season will happen if all goes as planned. It sure is exciting to be part of the room, though. We’ve broken down the action of the second Percy Jackson book, The Sea of Monsters, into a series of episodes, and have begun outlining what the first episodes would look like.”

He goes on to talk about some of the characters and scenes, but stresses again that nothing is green lit yet!

Of course, with at least nine months until the show debuts there are no guarantees – but it makes sense that Disney are keen to forge ahead. The book series is all written and there’s a built-in fanbase. Also, with a teen cast, we imagine there’s an impetus to crack on before principals age out of their roles.

We’ll keep you posted on Percy Jackson and the Olympians.