The Watcher dominates on its second week

The Watcher dominates the Nielsens as Rings of Power drops sharply

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The Watcher dominates the latest Nielsens, while Rings of Power falls away sharply

The Nielsen numbers for October 17-23 show by just how much The Watcher dominates ratings. Last time we suggested:

The Watcher and Dahmer doing well, with other shows falling back and The Sinner season 4 making progress. We expect The Rings of Power to fall back a little and are still following She-Hulk and Andor in the chart. This will also be the first week for the (excellent) Prime Video show The Peripheral and we’d love to see (but aren’t holding out breaths) the third season of the equally excellent War of the Worlds

Let’s see what happened…

The Nielsen numbers — US original streamed shows October 17-23 2022

We add the columns marked ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix The Watcher 7 47 2,595 55,212,766
2 Netflix Love Is Blind 31 58 683 11,775,862
3 Netflix Unsolved Mysteries (2020) 17 45 672 14,933,333
4 Netflix Dahmer (2022) 10 53 599 11,301,887
5 Prime Video The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power 8 60 570 9,500,000
6 Netflix From Scratch (2022) 8 53 522 9,849,057
7 Netflix Great British Baking Show 81 60 471 7,850,000
8 Netflix The Midnight Club 10 60 418 6,966,667
9 Disney+ Andor 7 60 418 6,966,667
10 Hulu The Handmaid’s Tale 53 60 398 8,291,667

The Watcher dominates as Rings of Power drops sharply

Last week it pulled in 2,355 million minutes on its opening weekend, and The Watcher follows with slightly more in its first full week. It dwarfs the rest of the table while Rings of Power fails to hold onto the sort of audience it reach on its finale. From 1,137 million minutes, this latest total is likely to disappoint. How does it compare to House of the Dragon?


We turn to the Acquired shows for 17-23 October, and House of the Dragon has attracted a very respectable 1,013 million minutes on its 10 episodes. Anyone looking to make comparisons between the two fantasy spectaculars has to concede its a convincing performance for the Game of Thrones prequel.

What else happened?

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor
Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

With the arrival of some reality shows of various forms, and solid numbers for Bake Off, many of the shows we follow at CultBox have fallen away. No showing (yet?) for The Peripheral, a slight rise for Andor and She-Hulk has left the building. Metaphorically. With similar audience to last time The Handmaid’s Tale has kept a top 10 place (just) whereas Midnight Club has shed around half its viewership.

What are we expecting next?

The Netflix data suggests Cabinet of Curiosities might make an appearance as most of the Netflix slate in the Top 10 look to survive, with The Watcher at their head. We’d still like to see The Peripheral make an appearance. It looks like Rings of Power will fall further.

We won’t be back next time (or the week after). Let us know in the comments how useful you find this regular piece, and how it might be improved. If you’ve had enough, feel free to tell us. We may be back later in the year.