Simon Pegg and Nick Frost touting new TV series from their own production company

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The duo’s production company, Stolen Picture, will release its first movie this year – and will follow it up with a paranormal comedy series for TV.

Having made their names on TV in Channel 4’s Spaced, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have continually gravitated back to working with each other over the past 20 years or so (yes, it really is that long ago). To wit; while they are both currently busy with film and TV projects (Pegg has blockbuster M:I 6 and the thriller Terminal on his slate, while Frost will appear in the Tomb Raider reboot, and alongside Dwayne Johnson in the Stephen Merchant-directed Fighting With My Family, this year) they are still keen to get in a room together both as producers and actors.

In their capacity as the former, Stolen Picture will release its first movie this year. Directed by Kula Shaker frontman-turned writer/director, Crispian Mills, the public school-set monster-horror Slaughterhouse Rulez will include the duo in its starry cast. However, the pair have also recently spoken to Variety about their plans to use their company to create a new TV series, Truth Seekers. According to Pegg, the show will feature a three-person paranormal investigation team, with each episode covering a discreet investigation that eventually will add up to something far more expansive in scope. The series will be backed by Sony Pictures Television.

It all apparently part of a plan for the pair to clear away their current commitments and eventually, concentrate almost solely on producing their own films and TV series – so expect more announcements in over the course of 2018.