Stranger Things continues to rule the Nielsens

Stranger Things continues to rule the Nielsens

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As expected, Stranger Things continues to top the Nielsen chart, but the rest of the Top 10 bears examination — we take you through the numbers

Last time (as Stranger Things made new records for the Nielsens with over 7 billion minutes watched, we suggested:

…expect Stranger Things to dominate for a few weeks, so our focus is on studying how Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Boys perform. The Netflix data for the US in the week June 6-12 show some new shows hitting the chart (All American and Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey). With the caveat these might not count as originals on the Nielsen list, our attention is also on Peaky Blinders as the final season arrived on Netflix…

Let’s see what actually happened.

The Nielsen numbers for Jun 6-12

Usual caveats: US data from a few weeks ago and we add columns marked ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix Stranger Things 32 75 4,226 56,346,667
2 Amazon The Boys 20 60 919 15,316,667
3 Netflix Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey 4 48 720 15,000,000
4 Netflix The Lincoln Lawyer 10 50 683 13,660,000
5 Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi 4 45 682 15,155,556
6 Netflix Peaky Blinders 36 60 635 10,583,333
7 Netflix Ozark 44 60 568 9,466,667
8 Netflix Floor Is Lava 15 33 350 10,606,061
9 Netflix First Kill (2022) 8 50 331 6,620,000
10 Disney+ Ms. Marvel 1 50 249 4,980,000

Stranger Things continues to hold the #1 spot

It was always going to happen, and the Duffer Brothers continue to grab billions of audience minutes with Stranger Things season 4. Don’t forget this is just volume 1, not the Netflix breaking two-part volume 2. This week our main focus is on…

What else happened?

As we’d suspected, a good week for Peaky Blinders and while a slight drop in absolute numbers for The Boys, it moves up to #2 as both The Lincoln Lawyer and Obi-Wan Kenobi both drift down. The latter is somewhat of a surprise, and supports opinions the latest Star Wars show lost people’s interest during the run. It’s a substantial drop in numbers, and we note there’s still no word of a second season.

Ms Marvel character posters - Kamala crop
Ms Marvel

If Obi-Wan is losing lustre, the latest MCU outing Ms Marvel has made it into the charts (with some low numbers — look at our episode watches), and it’s a reasonable gap (proportion wise) to new Netflix teen vampire love drama (think Romeo and Juliet with vampires, slayers and lesbians) First Kill.

What are we expecting next time?

The Netflix data suggests another comfortable week at the top for Stranger ThingsKeep Sweet: Pray and Obey doing well, and First Kill rising. Expect The Boys to be top 3, and we’ll be watching out for both Obi-Wan and Ms Marvel. We’ll bring our thoughts again next time.