The end of Mrs Brown’s Boys has been teased

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The comedy where a man plays the mother of his real-life wife may be on its final strait. Mrs Brown’s Boys, created by and starring Brendan O’Carroll, could finally be reaching its final episode in 2020.

That’s when the contract for the show comes to an end. The BBC had ordered a bunch of Christmas specials of which the last is due next year. And O’Carroll has admitted to the Daily Star that he’s considering bringing his wildly-popular sitcom to an end. “It’s becoming more of a sitcom and more of our characters are creeping into the show”, he told the paper. A thought that makes the programme a little more unsettling than it already is.

O’Carroll won’t be retiring the character though, rather he’s toying with focusing on his new hit chat show instead, All Round To Mrs Brown’s.

He teased of a final episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys that “our final episode would be the funniest show I’ve ever written for the first 24 minutes Then the last four minutes would break your [‘clucking’] heart”. Imagine that.

Plans for a second movie were put on ice after the Brexit vote, you may recall. And there’s still a Christmas special or two to look forward to this year.

Furthermore, a live arena tour will be going around the UK next year. Those who want their fix will, clearly, still be able to get their fix.