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The Good Place finale: Kristen Bell teases “the perfect ending”

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Kristen Bell, who plays Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place, has been chatting about the show’s upcoming final season. Apparently, it’s “perfect”.

Speaking to Collider, Bell revealed that she’s known about the show’s impending ending for a year, which is more forewarning than you normally get in the world of TV.

Bell said: “This was a collective agreement that we made to end the show because [creator and showrunner] Mike Schur found the perfect ending. He found an ending that is as meaningful as the reason he created the show. In the dictionary, there should be a picture of Mike under so many different words, beyond just intelligent, like consistency and empowering. In regard to consistency, he’s been consistent, from day one. He wanted to create a show that was a conversation starter, and the ending is a conversation starter. It’s also deeply, deeply meaningful. I don’t think anyone will see it coming. It’s so fucking beautiful, and it was very hard to do.”

She later added, “It has a ton of integrity. It’s the most well-intentioned ending that has meaning and will hopefully be a whole other conversation starter for people. Sorry, I know that seems so dramatic, but this has been such a cool experience for me to do something that fulfills me creatively. I love to make people laugh, and being allowed to say the words of this particular writing team is like, forget it. What am I? I’m literally the luckiest girl in the world.”

The final season of The Good Place kicks off on NBC, over in the States, on 26 September. The UK premiere on Netflix will take place the following day. We can’t wait to see how it turns out…