Candice’s-Queen-Victoria’s-Mango-and-Strawberry-Crown Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off shock: the illustrator is not into cakes!

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The Great British Bake Off is no stranger to controversy, and many fans are still disappointed to see Lottie leave the show in last week’s ’80s week. Now the BBC, in an interview with illustrator Tom Hovey, had revealed he’s not actually a big fan of cakes!

The BBC interview gives insight in to Tom Hovey’s work and background on The Great British Bake Off, and his website is well worth exploring, even if just for some examples of his glorious illustrations for the show. Unlike Tom, we’re big fans of sweet and savoury treats here at Cultbox, and we struggled to find a favourite picture to use for this article, finally picking Candice’s Queen Victoria’s Mango and Strawberry Crown.

The Great British Bake Off and various spin offs keep Tom very busy, and he created the graphics for all nine seasons of the show. Apart from the main show, his portfolio also includes Junior Bake Off, Mary & Paul’s Master Classes, Stand up to Cancer Bake Off, Comic Relief and Sport Relief Bake Off. At last count that’s more than 3,000 illustrations! He also works on The Great American Baking Show.

Series 11 has brought various changes, such as forming one big bubble for filming during the pandemic, and Matt Lucas replacing Sandi Tosvig, but still goes from strength to strength.

Tonight’s Great British Bake Off brings us the quarter final (only two more to go after tonight!) and it’s dessert week. The contestants have to grapple with suet pastry and create a jelly art cake. We can’t wait!