The Handmaids Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale renewed for Season 5, season 4 due in 2021

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The Handmaid’s Tale has been given a fifth season, despite the drop date for season four still being ‘sometime in 2021’

Over on their official Twitter feed (@HandmaidsOnHulu) the Handmaid’s Tale team has revealed they will be getting a season 5. Here’s the tweet:

The cast has a special message for you

Season 4 returns in 2021 …oh and praise be, we’ve also been renewed for Season 5! #HandmaidsTale
Praise be indeed!

Until then we will have to satisfy ourselves with the trailer for season 4. You can watch the first three seasons over on Amazon Prime here. As a reminder, season three finale Mayday focussed on June Osborne (Elizabeth Moss) taking on the state of Gilead in an attempt to rescue children, but all doesn’t quite go to plan. There’s more death, bullets and sacrifice for June to deal with in season 4. And yes, she still hasn’t escaped, despite helping others. More information on season 4 (and 5!) should be available once a release date is confirmed.