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The Last Kingdom tops the latest Nielsens just ahead of Pieces of Her

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The latest Nielsens show a very close race for the top, and The Last Kingdom has (only just) topped Pieces of Her — we dive into the data

The Nielsen ratings for March 7-13 show a two-horse race, with barely a nose between two shows. Last week we suggested:

Upload season 2 appeared on Prime, so we expect that to arrive in the next few weeks Nielsen chart. Netflix should score well with Pieces of Her doing very well; Last Kingdom season 5 and season 1 both appearing in their own data, so a good race for #1. Inventing Anna should drop a few places, which is to be expected, and Reacher may also drop out

How well did we do? [SPOILER — very well!] Let’s look at the data…

The Nielsen data for March 7-13

Remember, this is a few weeks behind and US only. We add the columns marked ‘*’.

Rank Streamer Series #Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Episode Watches*
1 Netflix The Last Kingdom 46 55 1,423 25,872,727
2 Netflix Pieces Of Her 8 50 1,415 28,300,000
3 Netflix Inventing Anna 9 67 812 12,119,403
4 Amazon The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 34 60 702 11,700,000
5 Netflix Love Is Blind 25 60 689 11,483,333
6 Netflix Worst Roommate Ever 5 43 556 12,930,233
7 Netflix Ozark 37 60 464 7,733,333
8 Amazon Upload 17 30 441 14,700,000
9 Netflix Vikings: Valhalla 8 50 412 8,240,000
10 Amazon Reacher 8 60 337 5,616,667

The Last Kingdom is top of the table, Pieces of Her a very close second

The gap between the top two it under 1%, and if we look at our Episode Watches column, more episodes of Pieces of Her were watched. With far fewer to choose, this means more actual customers — it’s not always about the headline number! As races for #1 go, this is the closest we’ve seen for a long time.

But what else happened?

Upload season 2
Upload season 2

We got most of the predictions right, though Reacher did cling on at #10. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is proving very popular, and Upload came straight into the chart on release.

No Disney titles this time round, but they have plenty to look forward too later in the next few weeks.

What are we looking for next time?

A look at the Netflix data for 14-20 March suggests Good Girls will take over from The Last Kingdom, while Inventing Anna still rides strong. Food themed shows have two entries (Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.: Limited Series and Is It Cake?), so if we add in Upload and Mrs Maisel that’s a lot to look forward to. We’ll catch you next time, with our usual look at the numbers.