The Queen's Gambit Anya Taylor-Joy

The Queen’s Gambit is the biggest Netflix limited scripted series ever

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We all knew The Queen’s Gambit was popular, but today Netflix has revealed just how successful the series starring Anya Taylor-Joy has been.

In their press release, we find:

Since launching on Netflix in October:

> The Queen’s Gambit novel is now on The New York Times bestseller list — 37 years after its release;

> Google search queries for chess have doubled while searches for “how to play chess” have hit a nine-year peak;

> Inquiries for ‘chess sets’ on eBay are up 250% and Goliath Games says its chess sales have increased over 170% ; and

> The number of new players has increased five fold on

The conversation around the show has also led to significantly higher interest in next year’s World Championship, according to the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

On Netflix,  a record-setting 62 million households chose to watch The Queen’s Gambit in its first 28 days. Its global reach has been extraordinary: from Russia and Hong Kong, to France, Taiwan and Australia. In fact, the show made the Top 10 in 92 countries and ranked No. 1 in 63 countries, including the UK, Argentina, Israel, and South Africa.

It even received a rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

The rest of the press release can be found through the link above, and if you’ve yet to watch, why not read our Four Reasons To Watch…